Monday, March 20, 2017


Let's cut to the chase; I've learned many things during my first two semesters that I would like to share with you all because I wish someone would have told me before I started!
1)Naps are your savior and your downfall. Naps keep you going throughout the week when coffee and the few hours of sleep you get at night don't quite cut it. The key, however, is to strategically place your naps. When to take a nap: you are done with classes for the day and you have no other obligations that demand your attention immediately. When not to take a nap: (MAJOR KEY) don't think 15 minute naps are a thing. They aren't. You will oversleep and sleep right through your class, and possibly the class after that. True story.
2)When someone offers to help you, let them!!! We are all on the same grind. When someone asks if there is anything they can do to help you or assist you, accept there offer; hopefully you will be able to reciprocate the gesture one day. There is no shame in admitting you need help. I, personally, would rather have less stress over the pride of knowing I did it all on my own any day.
3)When the professor says the homework is optional, what they really mean is you better do the homework because their tests are about to be harder than swimming up a waterfall.
4)The no cell phone policy in the classroom is for your benefit, not the teacher's. College classes make high school classrooms seem childish. A fitting analogy is as follows: imagine trying to drink every drop of water from the end of a fire hose on full power; welcome to college.
5)Yes, you have moved away from home and now live at college, but your parents are still very much in your life. Keep your relationship with them healthy and strong because they are the ones that will send you food and put money on your credit card and still love you even when you don't have as stellar of grades.
College is great, no denying that. Be sure to not overbook yourself, always do your homework, and do your best to leave a good impression with everyone you meet. You never know where help will come from!

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