Thursday, December 1, 2016

"As Clear as Mud."

To be completely honest, I have not yet decided how I want to impact the world once I graduate. The beauty of college is, thankfully, I don't quite have to decide just yet since I am a freshman. A few of possible outcomes for my life are as follows:
I am currently in the process of joining the Air Force ROTC program here at South, and if everything works out with this, I will be serving my country upon my graduation from college.
My ultimate calling, I believe, is to work in the medical field as a doctor. My number one goal is to get into medical school immediately after graduation.
If this dream turns out to be unattainable, I have decided to follow a mechanical engineering undergraduate major. That way, I can still do something I love (engineering) if I am unable to get into medical school.

I am confident that I will be well prepared for any one of these three options upon my graduation from South. In South's relatively new engineering building, I am receiving state-of-the-art training in my field of expertise, preparing me for whatever the workforce will try to throw at me. Also, my advisors and the deans here at South Alabama have gone out of their way to create for me a custom schedule that will allow me to get a degree in engineering as well as all of my pre-requisites for med school in only four years! Furthermore, being a brother in Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity has taught me communication skills, time management, and shown me what true brotherhood means. I know that I will never have to approach a hardship or difficulty alone.

Obviously, whatever hand I am dealt in life upon leaving South's campus, I will be well equipped and able to tackle all obstacles with ease.

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