Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nick JagGuide: Introduction

Hey Class of 2021! I'm super pumped that all of you have decided that South Alabama is where you belong! My name is Nicholas (if you're talking to my mom) or just Nick for short. I am a freshmen this year from Dothan, AL majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Strangely enough, I aspire to attend medical school after I go through South's Biomedical Engineering graduate school. I know what you're thinking, "why would anyone go to school for engineering if they want to be a doctor?" Honestly, it was a tough decision, because it means that my course load is a little more rigorous and demanding than the average pre-med student's because I have to go through all of the chemistry, calculus, AND physics. I am very passionate about being a doctor, however, and I also enjoy the structure and logistics of how things work, so I determined that coming from an engineering background (other than chemical engineering) would make me stand out slightly from the crowd as well as prepare me for the rigors of medical school.
So enough about me, let me rave about South for a bit. I absolutely LOVE South's campus, food, activities, Greek life, people, and proximity to downtown Mobile (a stunning city if you've never seen it). To be the rainiest city in the US, the rain honestly hasn't "rained on my parade" yet during my first month as a Jag. I can't begin to even explain how helpful everyone I've met has been to me and my future success. I feel like I've already made friends for life.
So, in closing, I'm stoked all of you have decided to become part of JagNation this upcoming school year! I'm confident you won't regret it. Right now, I'm sure you love South because of the beaches; but after your first week as a Jaguar you'll love it because it's home.

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