Sunday, November 12, 2017

Last Name: "Ever," First Name: "Greatest."

The best student association on campus by far is "Driven."
This small group devotional (currently held in one of the Student Center meeting rooms on Thursday Nights at 7) was started this year by Lighthouse Baptist Church in Theodore and is lead by their Music Pastor, Jason Felt. Jason, along with some of their youth that attend South, decided they should start a small bible study (open to all) that dives deep into the spiritual truths that the Bible teaches. I look forward to seeing this organization grow more and more each year.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

I Applied, Now What?

Senior year is a very busy and very stressful year. If yours hasn't been so far, maybe you should take a step back and examine what you expect your next calendar year to look like. If you are like most students, your parents want you to go to college straight out of high school (if you're like me, you'll be a first generation college student). If you decided that's what you want to do, here are some helpful hints and tips for you to think about as you take the next big step after graduation:

          1)Really ponder whether or not you want to go to college. Many people go on to do great things even if they don't go to college. Technical schools, learning a trade, enlisting in the military, going on missions...all of these are more than acceptable ways for you to lead your life. Take a while and decide what's the best course of action for you to take in order to achieve what you want to be.

          2)If you want to go to college, pick out your top 3-5 universities (or community colleges) and APPLY TO ALL OF THEM. Learn when their deadline are and attend as many of their events as you can. Invest in the college and they will invest in you.

           3)Scholarships: you need them. You don't realize it yet, but "full tuition" scholarships aren't free rides through college. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Trust me, you'll want to do these now, because you won't have as much time to apply for scholarship once you get into college;also, there are more freshmen scholarships than anything else, and it's important to note that many of the scholarship deadline are in the Spring.

           4)Pick your number one school, and if possible, pick a major. It'll benefit you greatly if you choose your major now because you can go ahead and find what classes you'll need to take in order to graduate in a timely manner. Less years in college = Less money spent = More happy you = Less of a pressure to work through college.

          5)For some of us, having a job isn't an option going through college. I know it wasn't for me. So once you accept your acceptance into a university, and you know what you're going to study, figure out immediately where you will live when you get to school. How will you pay for food? Go ahead and apply for jobs and set up interviews. Planning all of this now will save you so much stress later.

          6)Move in. Once you've moved everything in, be sure to have all of your books and go ahead and walk the campus to find out where your classes will be.

          7)Keep a positive outlook. Work hard. Don't be afraid to ask for help. All upperclassmen were there at some point and remember feeling lost, overwhelmed, and confused. It's natural, but nothing to stress to much about. You will make it through. HAVE FUN. This honestly won't be too hard. And if you stick to what I've said in my last blogs: Work hard, Play hard; you'll crush your freshmen year of college and be able to survive the rest as well.

Go Jags.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Everybody's working for the weekend!"

As a college student, if you have time to do anything besides class, homework, eat, sleep, and exercise during the week; you are honestly neglecting one of the before mentioned. "Free time" isn't really free, you have to earn it. For me, I typically try to knock out all of my homework and studying before Friday night. That way, I have time to tailgate and support the Jags Football team on Saturdays; or, if there isn't a home game, go volunteer at the ASPCA. Sundays are generally busy for me due to church, work, and fraternity chapter meetings. With that being said, Friday night- Saturday night is the only "free time" I have.

Since coming to Mobile last year, I've been known to spend my time:
*Playing disc golf on campus, at Langan Park, or at Cottage Hill Park.
*tailgating and watching football games
*carving pumpkins with my friends during the Fall
*going ice skating downtown closer to Christmas
*taking a day trip to the beach: usually Dauphin Island, Gulf Shores, or Orange Beach
*spending the day in New Orleans and eating way too many beignets
*volunteering at the ASPCA
*travelling home to Dothan to visit family
*exploring the mountains in northern Alabama, or going to caverns in Florida
*going bowling or going to the movies
*treating my girlfriend to a fancy restaurant(on occasion)
*spending time with my fraternity volunteering or having camaraderie

just to name a few.

There's never not something to do in Mobile; more times than not, there's just no time to do it!
Just remember to work hard, and then play hard. That way, you and your parents are happy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homecoming Week

At South, Homecoming week is always full of events put on by Jag Productions and SGA. Every night there is something new and exciting to do that brings the student body together. Some of the annual events that are among the favorite of students are "Junk the Jungle",which is where everyone throws toilet paper in the trees in the middle of the driving circle, and the Parade that is held on Friday night.

This year, the Jags are playing Louisiana- Monroe. Since it's homecoming, I'm sure there is bound to be an excess amount of free food, games, and student activities to do at the tailgate, and the attendance is going to stellar as well.

Homecoming in high school can be fun, but homecoming in college is on a whole other level, and here at South, it's where our Jag Pride shines the brightest!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Fall is probably my favorite time of year, solely due to the festive flavors that come along with it. During the fall; flavors of pumpkin, gingerbread, turkey dressing, and all other wholesome cooking that'll make you want to slap yo' mama all exist in perfect harmony.

Mobile offers unique opportunities to partake of these festive flavors, and I save my money and my appetite all year just for these.
At Old Dutch ice cream on Old Shell Road, homemade ice cream is a treat year-round. In the Fall, however, the flavors of White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte and Gingerbread somehow fuse into ice cream and make the best possible dessert you could imagine! In downtown Mobile, at a clean, urban coffee shop called Serda's, the season of colorful leaves brings with it the opportunity for pumpkin inspired coffees, both hot and cold. Definitely something I don't mind traveling downtown for on some late week-nights.

Last but not least, and on a completely different topic from food, one of my favorite things to do in the Fall is carve pumpkins. Not necessarily to celebrate Halloween, but just as a bonding time with friends and a chance to create something unique. Mobile offers many pumpkin patches across the city that are ripe for the pickin'!

This is only the tip of the iceberg of reasons why I love the Fall. I'm sure you'll find your own reasons to love it too here at South.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This is probably one of my toughest semesters at South academically. I'm currently enrolled in Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, Calculus-based Physics 2, and Statics: Fundamental mechanics. Obviously, I have enough homework to keep me occupied in my free time.

With that being said, my favorite class this semester is my CIS 150 class. This is an elective and it's basic computer functions in Microsoft Office. It, too, is a heap of homework, but it's easy and it provides a nice break from all of the math homework I have to complete. Another additional positive is that this class is solely online, so I get all of Tuesday off from any classes.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nick @ Life

Hey, incoming class of 2022! My name is Nicholas (Nick) Wiggins and I am originally from Dothan, AL. I have just begun my sophomore year as a mechanical engineer major and I pretty much spend my days drowning in homework. . . In all seriousness though, I love my major and I love it here at South.

I'm definitely engaged, and I don't plan on slowing down soon. Right now, I am a member of Kiwanis International, Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, AED, and Sonrise Baptist Church. All of this on top of a 17 hour courseload and 16 hour workload. I say all of that to show that you can do it too. It's okay to have a lot on your plate when you get to college, it's imminent actually. Don't be discouraged though; South Alabama has many great resources here on campus to help you adjust and make the most of the time you have in every day. Obviously, there is a fine line between overachieving and crying hysterically (the phrase "fake it 'til you make it" has absolutely no correlation with college), so it's important that you find what's important to you and dive whole-heartedly into it.

You should also find time for friends and alone time as well! In my free time, I enjoy travelling, playing the piano, and playing almost any sport. Since coming to college, I've been introduced to many new sports, spike ball on the beach being one of them, and I'm convinced that I could get a full ride scholarship playing spike ball on the beach if the university ever offers it as a sport.

To sum me up in 3 statements, I'm:

R   eady for each and every new adventure,
A   wkward with first impressions, but awesome to have as a friend,
D   oing my best to be the best me.

This is only a glimpse of who I am. Come to South and when we pass on the sidewalk, stop me and I'd be more than happy to get to know you more.